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  Kaptain 0.73


Kaptain is a universal graphical front-end for command line programs. It works on linux/UNIX platforms whereever Qt is available. Release 0.73 is using qmake and is compatible with Qt 4.

Someone writes a simple script (so called grammar) which describes the possible arguments for a command line program and Kaptain brings up a friendly dialog to the user to set up the command line.

Look at some examples below or see the complete documentation for details.

Download from the file release page or directly.

Source distribution: kaptain-0.73.tgz.

Kaptain is successfully used with the EMBOSS package in molecular biology. See Thomas Siegmund's page for details.

A small example illustrates SQL database access from kaptain.


  E N S C R I P T
This is a graphical front-end for the GNU Enscript. You must have the enscript package installed to /usr/share/enscript in order to work.

The script automatically detects the list of the available media and the known languages for pretty-printing.

Download grammar script: enscript.kaptn

  I N D E N T
GNU Indent is a C and C++ source code beautifier. This graphical front-end helps you to reorganize your source files with indent.

You can save your favorite settings into the file for further reuse.

Download grammar script: indent.kaptn

  G R E P
This is a front-end for searching in directories with the find and grep utilities. In this case you have to run kaptain from a terminal as it produces the hits into the standard output.

Download grammar script:

  F I N D
An other front-end for searching files with find.

Download grammar script: